If you are looking for a combined broadband and TV package, I cannot stress enough that you really should look at the Sky TV and Broadband package – just contact sky and get it set up now. Not only is it fast, full of features and incredibly reliable, price-wise it is an excellent deal as well.

What does Sky TV and Broadband come with? — Sky TV and Broadband comes with ADSL broadband, it is fiber optic, has a slew of call packages, includes TV and just about every sporting event you could ever possibly want to watch through BT Sport and Sky Sports.

ADSL broadband — Sky’s broadband service is superb. Uploading and downloading happen at the speed of light and, as it gets speeds of up to 17Mbps per second, it can handle just about anything you will ever need to do with it.

Watching TV via Sky TV and Broadband — Just about the best part of having a Sky TV and Broadband package, however, is the TV service you get. Never in all my decades of watching television have I had a service that is so good.

TV programs come via the Sky+ box, a digital box that allows you to record programs when you are not home so that you never miss anything. With the Sky+ box, you can also stop, start, pause, fast forward, rewind and store all your favorite TV programs for later viewing.

That means, if you are going on holiday for a month, just set your Sky+ box to record the shows you will miss and, when you come back, they will all be waiting for you.

Excellent call packages — Sky has also done a stellar job at offering a good call package for everyone, regardless of when they usually make the bulk of their calls.

You can either choose a call package that will allow you to call anyone on evenings or weekends, one that covers during the week, or another that will cover you for international phone calls.

Or, if you prefer to have a call package that will give you a good rate no matter when you make your phone calls, the Sky Talk Anywhere package will work for you as well.

Are you a sports fan? — While I would not say I am a huge sports fan, I do love to watch tennis, cycling, and football.

Sky has every sport that you could ever want to watch covered with its huge number of sports programs through both BT Sport and Sky Sports.

That means, whether you want to watch a football game in Singapore on Friday night, a tennis match in London on Saturday or a boxing match in the U.S on Tuesday, you will have access to all of them.

If you want to have BT Sport, Sky does charge a small monthly extra fee but, when you look at all the additional sporting events that fee gives you access to, it is well worth paying it.

For anyone wanting a good TV and broadband service in the UK, Sky TV and Broadband should be the first company you look at.

Sky Q gets a big thumbs up from us.