Music is one of the greatest things in the world. It speaks to the soul. It goes deep inside a person and changes their life. Music can make you remember a certain memory. It can liven up a room. It can also be the saddest story yet. Music can do all of these things because it is universal. No matter what language a person speaks, they can relate to any form or genre of music. The ways of listening to music have changed drastically. In the past, people would like to music on a vinyl record, then they had the – track tape, next was the cassette tape and after that, the CD. Now, music is digitally brought to us. You can listen to millions of music on a digital music player, a computer, or on a smartphone. You can even listen to music from a century ago on these digital devices. The technological advances are incredible. There is a way that you can listen to all the music your heart desires by clicking on an app on your phone. It’s called music streaming. There are so many music streaming applications, each with its own unique characteristics. Today we will explore all of these music streaming applications and see which ones are the best.


Pandora is a music streaming service that was founded in January of 2000 in Oakland, California. The service plays music from a specific genre based on the individual’s like and dislikes. Users can create playlists based on their favorite musical artist and they can thumbs up a song if they like it, or thumbs down a song if they dislike it. Pandora is a free streaming service but users have the option of paying a monthly fee for the premium version. The premium version of Pandora allows users to skip songs more than a certain number of times and they are not required to listen to advertisements. Pandora does not let users choose an individual song to listen to. Pandora gives users the ability to listen to songs they may have forgotten about.


Spotify is a streaming and free music download service that is a little bit different from Pandora. Spotify allows users to search for songs they want to listen to. However, once they find that artist and song, the play is usually random. Spotify was founded in April of 2006. The music streaming service not only features music but it features podcasts and videos as well. The service is available in 50 languages and dialects. Users are required to register in order to use the service but the regular version is free. Spotify also has a premium version that users can pay a monthly fee for. Advertisements are on the free version of Spotify but the service allows users to watch one commercial to have 30 minutes of ad-free music time.


SoundCloud is a unique music streaming service. Founded in September of 2007, SoundCloud allows users to post their own original music for others to listen to. Users can also listen to popular musical artists on the service as well. Users can record their original music directly on the application. SoundCloud has a premium version that gives musicians better access to their original music. With the premium version, musicians have more recording time and they can also control who listens and comments on their music.