Do you want to create your own FIFA team? It can be done rather easily. It can also be done cheap. In other words, you can get a team like this for free. Here are a few easy ways to do it.

Buying a good player

It is always good to do comparison shopping before buying. This goes for anything. There are pros and cons to this. The major advantage to this is you get a wider range for buying. You will have a better shot at finding a good deal, as opposed to when this whole thing first started. The main downfall to this is the time you have to spend. You will need to spend more time looking for profitable players to build your team.

You need to look at each card of the player in question. Compare each one with the rest. Do not take the first deal for a player that comes across your plate. There may be something better down the line. It is worth it to investigate. Some team captains end up buying someone too soon.

Chemistry counts

Cheap teams will have some solid players. The only problem is that you will need the chemistry styles. These are very cheap on the open market. You will need them for your team building strategy. You need these chemistry styles to work on the weaknesses. Every player has a weakness. Say there is a striker who lacks in the high finishing. Give them the sniper style. This will help them and you to achieve the team goals. Check out the video below which goes further into depth regarding team chemistry.

Check out every detail

Brazilian players a good place to begin. The only issue is you probably will not know everything about the player. Look at all the stats. The stats will tell you what you need to know about performance. The stats will tell you what you need to know about their vulnerabilities. They will tell you where a player is stronger. You need to know all of this. The strength of a player’s foot is especially important. This way you will know where to place them. Central players will benefit from this strategy the most. You will know who to place around them and why.

Players that are good with placing shots, volleys, hitting the goal and more are all important. The stats will help you out with this.

Packs may or may not be okay

This topic of conversation is always a coin flip. Once you have a team that is focused and has a good strategy, then they are not needed. Some still use them, but at this point, they are not going to serve you that much. The only reason why they would be useful is for the contracts. They are good for contracts that come in bulk. Do you still want a pack? It is better to choose from the FUT drafts. You can find these through the transfer markets. A better alternative in most cases is to buy FUT coins from third party websites, for example, which will allow you to spend the coins to purchase exactly the items and players you need without having to gamble with the packs.