ERP Software is simply a software which allows you to manage the processes of your business. ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning. This is a software consisting of integrated set of applications which will help the manager to manage his business and automate the back office functions which are related to human resource, technology and services. An ERP Software consists of a set of integrated applications which include the facets of planning, development, sales and marketing, manufacturing and maintenance. The ERP software gives a joint database, application and interface to the manager to look after and carry out all the operations using it.

demoUsually, ERP Software is designed to be used by large businesses. It is a software which works on Enterprise level and often needs dedicated teams of people who customize it and analyse the data. These dedicated teams also handle the deployment and upgrading of the ERP. There are some small business ERP software too which are made specifically for lightweight business management and provides software solution which is customized for the industry you work in.

An ERP software has multiple modules which are purchased by the organization as per their requirement. Each module focuses on a specific area of the entire business process for example one module will be for product development and another module will be for the marketing of the product.

The most common modules in an ERP are product planning module, material purchasing module, inventory control module, distribution module, accounting module, marketing module, finance module and Human Resources module. ERP also manages the back office tasks and for that the common modules are supply chain management module, services knowledge base module, configuration module and other modules which help to improve the accuracy of the financial data, make better project plans, assess business needs, lower the purchasing costs of the resources and many other tasks.
When an organization wants to automate their business they purchase the modules which are best suited to fulfill their business and technological needs and compliment the organization’s pre-existing processes and technical capabilities.

With the technological advancements happening all over the world in a blink of an eye, more and more businesses are now opting to purchase ERP software for their businesses to automate their processes and compete with the fast moving world of today.