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Kate Cates
Kate CatesSoftware Engineer
Kate is a 23-year-old Software Engineer who is currently working as a Requirement Engineer in well renowned Software house. She loves to spend her time thinking about new ways to make the life of common man easier by automating their daily errands and to make software which will fulfill their needs and wants.

Latest News

Growing and maintaining growth of your Instagram account is easy with these tips

Instagram is something that is becoming more and more popular with everyone nowadays, from teenagers to people in their 60s and 70s.

Growing your Instagram account is also something that more and more people are obsessing about. To a point that some people spend hours every day trying to do just that.

If you are trying to grow your Instagram account, and want to be able to maintain that growth once you do, here are a few things that just may help.

Start with your bio — People are often originally attracted to your bio. Especially if you do something interesting, have cool hobbies or sound fun or unique.

That is why you should spend quite a while crafting the right bio. A bio that, in just a few words, will tell new viewers who you are, why you are cool and why they should be following you.

Use a profile photo that grabs attention — Do not just put up a pretty profile photo and leave it at that. Instead upload one that is unusual, interesting and really draws the eye to the top of your Instagram page.

Your profile photo tells your new viewers a lot about you, so make sure yours makes you look like one of the coolest, most interesting people around.

Do not post a mediocre photo — If you find yourself stuck one day with just mediocre photos to post, do not post until you have one that is striking.

This is because, if you post that one ugly photo, you could easily end up alienating your audience and having a large number of them unfollow you.

Instead wait until you have a beautiful photograph to upload and then promote it as much as you can. Not only will your current followers stick around, but more will likely arrive as well.

Use interesting captions — While people love your photos, they also like to read interesting captions and you have two choices to make them that.

Either post captions that are short and funny, or post long captions that tell a story about the photo you have just uploaded. You will often find your photos with long captions will get more of an engagement, and then more people will begin to follow you as well.

Never post more than once every six hours — While two to three times a day will attract the attention of more potential Instagram followers, you do not want to post more than once every six hour or so.

After all, if every time someone opens up their Instagram app and sees yet another photograph from you, eventually they will unsubscribe from your feed. Do this enough times, and you will lose a lot of your followers.

Blue and green are winners — People seem to love blue and green photos and will often react to them more than they will to other colors.

Choose blue and green photos more often when you upload new ones, and you may be surprised at how fast your Instagram account grows with every new photo. Aside from all of the tips above it has become quite easy to buy instagram likes from reputable service providers. This might also be a way to kickstart things off.

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This review of the best Canadian VPN providers may help you find a good one

If you are looking for a good Canadian VPN provider that you can use every time you access the Internet, this type of thing can take time. With so many providers to check out, and features to research, paying for the first Canadian VPN (more awesome reviews on the best VPN Canada website) provider you find is not usually a good idea.

If you have not paid for a VPN provider before, however, deciding on which features you need can be a bit confusing. Luckily, these reviews of the best Canadian VPN providers may just help you decide.

How to choose a good VPN provider — There are several things you need to decide when choosing a Canadian VPN providers. These things will mean the difference between being protected and having secure data every time you are online, and not.

First find out what type of encryption each service uses and if it falls under strict protocols. Then find out if they log your Internet activity and save it. If they do, this is immediately a VPN you should avoid.

Look at server speeds, and find out if they offer access to servers in a number of different countries. Having servers in a variety of countries is mandatory, as this will allow you to unlock geo-locking at any sites you want to visit.

Finally, unlimited bandwidth is a must. Some VPN providers only allow you to consume so much in a month and will then throttle your speed or block you completely. Unlimited bandwidth will allow you to surf as much as you like.

Review of the best Canadian VPN providers and what they offer — As for which Canadian VPN providers to use, this can get a little complicated as there are few VPN providers actually located in Canada. This is due to Canada’s strict laws often making them not as secure as providers located in other countries.

That is why most Canadians look for VPN providers that are located outside the country.

These providers include Pure VPN, which is one of the cheapest VPNs but still offers a good service. It includes very fast speeds, ultra privacy features, payment by Bitcoin and access to over 500 servers worldwide.

Another excellent VPN provider offering services to Canadians is Express VPN. This is a very fast VPN, has access to servers in over 40 countries, offers coverage for less than $10 a month and allows you to access any website worldwide depending on which servers you use.

Also look at Ivacy, a top VPN provider and one that offers two-year plans for less than three dollars a month. They also offer unlimited bandwidth, 256-bit encryption, allow you to connect on up to five different devices all at the same time and even kill your Internet connection immediately if you get dropped from a server.

Any of these VPN providers offering services to Canadians will make you happy. Just be sure you check every one of their features before you decide on the one that will work the best for you, to be sure they have what you need.

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VOIP’s Cost Is Changing the World

In the 1960s, a person could watch a cartoon show about the future called The Jetsons. On this show, the cartoon characters could use the screens on their phones and computers. People in the 21st century can do the same thing. What makes this possible? VoIP providers is what makes this possible.

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol and has also been called voice over IP or IP telephony. This technology allows two computers to connect using the Internet or landlines so people can talk to each other like a telephone. A person can also see the person that they are calling on their screen as well as fax, SMS or voice message them. A person can communicate like The Jetsons did on their TV show.

There have been three generations of VoIP. The first generation of VoIP is an open network that is a lot like the legacy telephone network. The second generation allows a closed network with private user bases that helped make services like Skype possible. The third generation has helped create Google Talk that use the concept of federated VoIP which is a departure from the structure of legacy networks.

Why VoIP has become so popular is because it comes at a low cost. The low cost of VoIP allows businesses to add more features to their communication repertoire and they are able to talk to their employees and customers in a more efficient manner. The advantage for regular people is that it has completely changed the way people can call each other internationally. People can mostly call on their computers and mobiles for free.

VoIP-created services like Skype have become very popular. Their popularity is certainly helped by the fact that can call each other and make SMS messages for free.

The only obstacle is that to communicate with a person’s phone or computer, their electronic device must have Skype, too. If they don’t have Skype, a person cannot talk to them on Skype. This obstacle is easy to overcome as a person can download Skype for free from its website.

The only time that there could be some of price is if the PSTN service is completely replaced. But even if it is completely replaced, it will still be cheaper than when people made regular phone calls.

The cost of international calls have certainly radically changed due to VoIP-inspired services. Their international phone bill cost has radically gone down by about 90 percent.

The quick acceptance of VoIP technology is also quite remarkable. VoIP is still far from perfect and improvements must be made on this technology. It could be improved enough to replace the old landline system.

When it does replace the old telephone networks, the future will be exactly like it was imagined to be on The Jetsons.

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Insights on Purchasing Instagram Likes for Your Business Account

Whether or not to purchase Instagram likes is a question many people give controversial opinions on. But a majority of these opinions agree that getting you or your brand to be noticed, you will need a lot of likes on your posts. Constant multiple likes on every post that you put on Instagram give you a lot of attention from your fans and random people.


Selling Instagram likes has become a booming business on the internet with various companies wanting a piece of the market. However, some of these purchased likes are not from real active Instagram accounts but from robot accounts that are barely active. Rarely can you just rely on just the purchased likes for recognition. You constantly have to get your fans to like your posts as well as advertise a lot to get real likes to your posts. Accounts with more likes and more fans tend to be more trusted by fans.

The benefits of Purchasing Instagram Likes for a Business

Increases Credibility

Buying Instagram likes or followers (for example on a site like comprarefollowersinstagram) makes your brand appear popular and trustworthy, and therefore, this makes consumers want to be associated with the brand.

Quick way to jumpstart an account

Many businesses have a challenge of earning Instagram popularity at a very slow pace. Buying likes for your posts will increase your fan base and thereof earning you genuine followers who will like your posts.

Become popular with a marketing campaign

When you place an online advert with a link to your Instagram account, people will view your profile, and when they see the likes you get, they’ll know how popular your brand is and would, therefore, want to be part of it.

Increased Sales

When people see how popular your brand is, through the number of likes you have, they will purchase your brand in large numbers.

Large number of followers

Your Instagram account will have more and more followers, due to the popularity you have gained through the number of likes on your posts.

The Drawbacks of Purchasing Instagram Likes for your Business

Fake Likes

Remember most of the likes purchased are usually not from real active accounts, so, as a business, you should not rely on those followers gained. Advertise more to get real likes from real followers.

Possible Account Closure

According to the policies of Instagram, your business account could be closed if there is a ridiculous increase in your likes.

Possible conning

With the many online companies selling Instagram likes, it is very possible of fall prey in the hands of con artists. These cons receive payments, but they never deliver the Instagram likes. So, it is very important to do more research on a company before purchasing the likes.

After weighing down the benefits and the drawbacks of purchasing Instagram likes, it is important that you choose what is best for the growth of your business. There are so many success stories on the internet about the growth of businesses with the purchased likes, but, there are also many disappointed groups of people who will criticize buying Instagram likes.

Aside from that, check out these awesome instagram tips:

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The Best Hard Drives for the PlayStation 4

Whether you have saved one too many of those gigantic Skyrim: Special Edition files, or have experienced an unfortunate bout of hardware failure, the time has come for you to select a new hard drive for your PlayStation 4 console. Luckily for you, there is a wide selection of appropriate hardware that will get you back up and gaming quickly. But which is the best hard drive for your money? Here we will take a look at three drives that deliver the generous space you need, are fully compatible with your console, and won’t break your wallet. Please be aware that all internal drives for your console will need to be the 2.5-inch variants. With that in mind, let’s proceed!


Samsung Spinpoint MT9: 2 Terabyte


Samsung’s products have a proven track record for reliability, thanks to their dedication to robust manufacturing. Coming in at number three, the Spinpoint MT9 is a product of that dedication which features a 6 gigabyte-per-second transfer rate, and 34 megabytes of cache. It’s 5400 RPM platter will deliver rapid recall times so you can spend less time loading, and more time playing.


Seagate Expansion Portable: 2 Terabyte


Thanks to the improvements made in the version 4.5 firmware update, PlayStation 4 consoles can now use external hard drives natively with a few restrictions. The drive must have a USB 3.0 connection and it can not be a solid state drive. Luckily the second-place pick, the Seagate Expansion Portable drives, has you covered! Their drives meet all of the criteria while delivering the convenience of portability at a price that is competitive with other leading expansion hardware. Be aware that while a 4 Terabyte model is available, you want to stick to internal drives for anything over the 3 terabyte limit.

Western Digital Black Performance HDD: 1 Terabyte


Coming in at number one, this 7200 RPM hard drive from Western Digital will serve as an excellent replacement for your standard 500gb hard drive that comes standard with most older-model PlayStation 4 consoles. Its internal transfer rate clocks in at a brisk 6 gigabytes per second and has 32 MB of cache. Western Digital is one of the best names in storage and PS4 Storage hardware and, even this is not the highest capacity drive on the market, it is the best performing model you will find in its class. As hard discs are usually priced by the gigabyte, this drive will a superb value that outperforms its competition.


While the Western Digital Black is the top recommendation, any of the drives on this list will serve you well going forward. Gamers expect to be able to focus on their playing without having to worry about the hardware, and these top three picks will deliver exactly that while performing better than their competition. Check one out for your PlayStation 4 today to get your console back in the fray!


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The Pros and Cons for Buying Instagram Followers

Social media is changing the way that many people market their business online. The trouble is that things are moving so fast that you can be left behind in short order due to the shear volume of content being posted each day. If you are making a post here and their on social media, your content is buried in seconds, and most people will never see it let alone come back to read more of what you are posting.

Here are some of the pros and cons to buying Instagram like or followers to help with those efforts.

Boosting Your Presence

If you think that you can make your way on social media by posting outstanding content, you will be left in the dust quickly. Social media today is like a popularity contest, and if you are getting a lot of attention, you get more of the same. When buying likes and followers on Instagram, you get a boost that could take others months or years to reach those numbers. More information can be found on Maislikes.

Increased Interaction

Now that you have those big numbers, organic traffic shows up and gauges whether they hang or not based on your popularity. If they see you have a ton more numbers than others in your niche, they will start to interact with your posts. That interaction is what is going to get the bolder rolling downhill rather quickly from here.

The Price to Pay

One of the cons to buying Instagram followers is having to pay money up front. The price is minimal, but the return will be ten-fold down the line. many people just starting out do not have the money to invest, but you have to ask yourself if you can afford to not be buying Instagram followers at this point. While you are waiting around, your competition is taking advantage and they are going to simply pass you buy if you continue to do nothing.

New Orgnaic Interaction

Once the new traffic starts hanging around because they want to see why your numbers are so big, they will like your posts, follow you, share your videos, and comment and tag you. Every time that that take action, it helps to spread the word about your pages and give you even more exposure down the road. This is huge because you are doing nothing at this point except adding fresh content each day on a regular schedule.

The Power in Speed

When you wait for followers organically, you are losing precious time. When buying Instagram followers, you leap-frog all those waiting for traffic to find them, and you scoop them up and convert them into long-term loyal followers who not only are gaining knowledge from your posts, they are happily passing on that content to their inner circle so your social reach expands as a result.

Now you see why it is vital you are buying Instagram like or followers to help you to get a competitive edge over the competition.

Check out these awesome tips to grow your following:

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When Should You Use a VPN?

Internet Privacy is the mandate or right of personal privacy that concerns repurposing, storing, provision to third parties, and the displaying of information that concerns an individual on the internet. Internet privacy has often been linked with data privacy and in the past, there have been concerns shared among users concerning large scale computer networks and sharing. Users have sought to find information to protect their privacy, especially during private browsing sessions.

One of the solutions that have arisen from this demand is to have a VPN, better known as a virtual private network solution. The VPN encrypts and cloaks the user’s signal, making their online activity illegible to anyone who may be trying to monitor the user. The VPN also manipulates the IP address, making it appear as if the user is coming from a different machine, location, and even country. There are times where using a VPN may be necessary, especially on the internet.

Using Public Wifi

Many users are unaware of this, but public wifi is not safe for browsing and sending confidential emails. Public wifi has no encryption security to protect users, so their signal is a broadcast for anyone with the knowledge to eavesdrop on the user’s internet usage. Even low-key hackers can intercept an unencrypted wifi signal just by using a Firefox Tamper Data plugin or a Twin phony hotspot.

Public wifi is terribly insecure and is one of the reasons why users, especially mobile ones, may want to consider paying for a VPN connection. When a user logs into a public wifi network and connects to their personal VPN, all of their web use is hidden and encrypted from anyone trying to take a peek.

Not Having Searches Logged

The biggest search engines in play today are Bing and Google who catalog every web search a user makes. The reason behind tracking these searches is so the user’s search history can be attached to their computer’s IP addressed and is used to customize future searches and advertising. The cataloging itself may seem useful to some users and even unobtrusive, but with it carries the risk of a potential public embarrassment if a user’s search history ever comes to light. Using a VPN will cloak the IP address of the user and ensure their searches using a search engine remain private.


The internet today is literally an information highway with many people from celebrities to employees using the internet to do the majority of their research. Doing research in itself has never been easier thanks to the internet and being able to access literally millions of sources of information. This can also backfire for a writer or researcher who covers sensitive topics or is conducting an investigation of cyber criminals. The IP address of a user can be traced and this can lead to trace back and reprisals if someone else disapproves of the user’s search history. Using a personal VPN manipulates the IP address of the user and renders them untraceable.

There are many reasons other than the ones listed above to use a VPN – see all of them at VPNs can be a great aid in protecting internet privacy and keeping prying eyes from looking over a user’s virtual shoulder when browsing the internet.

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Top 6 WordPress Managed Services That You Should Consider

Managed WordPress hosting services are popular because they offer customers a number of advantages that include: better security, faster loading times, automated updates, dedicated customer support etc. Such hosting providers specifically focus on optimizing WordPress sites only. In other words, such services handle all the technical issues associated with WordPress websites, enabling users to focus on creating and marketing their website content. If you are looking for a managed WordPress service, then here are some of the most popular platforms that you should seriously consider. For a more complete overview, check out – they will guide you through everything


WPEngine is one of the top WordPress managed hosting services in the industry. The service has many paying customers due to a number of features such as: excellent security, speed, automated updates, excellent customer support, and developer friendly tools.


Site ground is another splendid WordPress managed hosting service. The platform has many users because it’s beginner friendly, and has top-notch customer support. For instance, the service has easy set up, and their support typically responds within 10 to 15 minutes. Also, they have some of the best rates in the market. Other important features that you’ll find on SiteGround include: Auto installer, auto updater, supercacher, WordPress staging, site speed, site cloning etc.


Bluehost is one of the most popular web hosting companies in the market. The company’s WordPress managed hosting packages comes with a number of exciting features like unlimited traffic, 30 GB storage, 30 GB backup, 24/7 client support , enhanced cPanel etc. Bluehost also offers enhanced security features that only a few hosting companies can rival.


FlyWheel is a WordPress managed hosting service with affordable packages that are ideal for small businesses, agencies, and bloggers. Aside from affordable pricing, the service comes with unique features such giving customers the power to create their own sites, billing transfer, demo site and many other features . In summary, flywheel other key features include automated backups, speed optimization, and enhanced security.


Pressdium is a good WordPress managed hosting service that mainly targets beginner bloggers with limited budgets. They have some of the lowest rates in the market, considering that they charge an average $49 a month for up to 30,000 visits monthly.


Kinsta is one of the top Managed WordPress services in the market. The service comes with awesome features like unlimited visits, multiple data centers located in various continents, automated backups, competitive pricing, better security and easy set up.

In the end, running a wordpress website is not a walk in the park as many people think. You have to handle all manner of tasks such as uploading content, marketing your site, improving your site design, posting on social media etc. Before you do any of the above tasks, you have to ensure that your website is running on the right web hosting provider. If you are just starting out, then shared hosting should be more than enough for your blog. You will however need to upgrade your hosting account to managed hosting once your WordPress site starts to receive plenty of traffic.

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Many computer problems can easily be diagnosed and fixed by an IT professional, without the need for buying a new PC

Not A Piece of Toilet Paper!

There is a huge difference between a computer a piece of toilet paper. The difference is that a piece of toilet paper can only be used once and thrown away. A computer is not the same. Computers are machines that be fixed, upgraded and have their parts replaced. Just because you have problems with a computer, that doesn’t mean that you have to throw it out and get a new one. Computers can be very expensive, and it doesn’t make much sense to throw out a computer when you can fix it. There are many computer problems that can be fixed with the help of an IT professional.

Fixable Problems

Sometimes, computer parts fail. For example, a fan on the inside of your computer may stop working, resulting in your computer overheating, making odd noises, smoking and the user interface not appearing properly. The rest of your computer could be completely fine, with the exception of this one part. Does that mean that you have to throw your computer away and shell out another $1,000 for a new computer? No way! All you have to do is get a new fan installed. You don’t have to go all office space on your PC!

There are some problems having to do with the software and user interface that keep you from being able to properly use your computer. These problems are highly antagonizing to the human spirit. However, many of these types of problems have easy solutions that make it seem foolish to throw your computer out. For example, sometimes it seems that a computer is frozen and that it won’t turn off. In many instances, to solve the problem, you just have to hold the power button down for about ten seconds or more, and the computer will turn off. Some people have experienced problems relating to software not working on their computers. Such problems may have to do with not having enough disk space, or having corrupt information. When using a VPN, a person may go through the frustrating experience of having the VPN not work. Such a problem can be the result of an anti-virus software or firewall not recognizing it and not allowing it to run.

If you have any of these types of problems that involve taking easy steps that you do not yet know of, you should not throw out your computer. You should seek an IT professional.

Just because you get a virus on your computer, that does not mean that you have to throw out your computer. With the help of an IT professional, like computer repair london, either you or the IT professional can drive out the virus. It’s a no-brainer—someone has to know what steps to take, and the IT professional is there for that.

The knowledge is available!

Computers are things that are meant to be fixed, and IT professionals are there to help when you don’t know what to do. Computers are not one-use, and it does not make much sense to throw a computer away if you can fix it within a reasonable price.

Also make sure to keep your antivirus up 2 date:

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That Hissing Sound: Pneumatic Fittings 101

Pneumatics of any kind is not something most people think of when talking about machines or equipment of any kind. Such as electric or diesel motors, maybe even robots etc. But the fact is that pneumatics is present in almost every industrial application and in our daily lives. A lot of equipment, from coffee makers to the brakes on a bus, can be powered by pneumatics. In all instances, gas or air is compressed and then released in a controlled way to harness its power. That is what pneumatics is in a nutshell. And where ever there are pneumatics, there are also pneumatic fittings.

Where are they Used?

Pneumatic fittings are used in a wide range of products. The following are some examples.

  • Pressure gauges
  • Nail guns and spray paint equipment
  • Pneumatic doors
  • Shock absorbers
  • Door stoppers
  • Brakes on large vehicles

There are several types of pneumatic fittings available today, and each type is designed according to what type of function it will be doing and where it is going to be connected. Some are connected to pipes and others will be attached to hoses. They can also be made from a wide variety of materials. the following are some of the more common types.

Pneumatic Push-on Fitting

The pneumatic push on fitting is one of the more tougher types of fittings available. It takes a little longer to attach it but on the other hand, they are more reliable to use. They grasp the hose well due to the presence of a nut that can be tightened. This fitting also comes with a swivel end which means pipes and hoses do not need to be twisted to fit it on. This makes the fitting process steadier as well as more reliable. Push on fittings are also some of the best for higher temperature environments.

Brass and Stainless Steel

If you need a pneumatic fitting that will remove and attached often, then brass fittings are an excellent choice. Most brass fittings will be coated with nickel which gives it some added protection. Brass is also the choice for pipes made of plastic, rubber or polyurethane. Another reason for their popularity is the price. Compared to other metal based fittings brass is a little cheaper.

Stainless steel fittings are some of the most durable. Not only can they handle corrosive environments but high heat also. They are also capable of handling very high levels of air pressure. The reliability of stainless steel makes it a popular in applications where reliability trumps everything else. Because of these reasons stainless steel fittings are some of the more costly ones.

Plastic Fittings

One of the most common pneumatic fittings is the plastic fitting. The reason for this is because a lot of applications do not call for fittings capable of withstanding high heat and pressure. Plastic is not capable of these extremes. However, they are usually considerably cheaper compared to other types. They area also lighter and easier to fit onto hoses and pipes. They are also pretty good at handling corrosive environments, although not as good as stainless steel fittings.

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Five Ways You Can Direct Traffic To Your Site That You Did Know Existed


Set Goals

The first thing you need to do is set goals. You need a clearly marked path. You also need to set up numerical goals in your plans. Ask yourself how many people you want to have come visit your site on any given day. Say you set up a monthly plan. Say this plan is to have about 900 visitors in 30 days. Seems reasonable enough, right? At the end of the month look at your totals. Find out if you have accomplished your goals. You may have gotten more. You may have gotten a little less. As long as you appear to be in the range of your goal, then you will have accomplished something. You will then have the confidence to do more. The more people you get, the higher your numbers will rank in search engine results.

Ask yourself Some Hard Questions

You have to start being honest with yourself about your prospects. Think of this as business therapy. You have to get to the truth to resolve the issues you are having. Ask yourself about your target audience. Who are they? Come up with a plan to get them to come to you. You do not have to appeal to everyone. You never will. You only need to appeal to those who are willing to buy from you. In other words, the parties that are truly interested. All the other traffic does not matter.

Find out how much your target audience makes annually. Maybe your target audience cannot buy from you because they cannot afford what you are offering. What are you going to do to change this?

The Tests

There is something called “A/B Testing”. This is when you put out your brand to as many different sources as possible. See who is buying and who is not. Keep track of your results. Keep what works and ditch the rest. It is that simple.

“This is not about randomness. This is about those who are ready-to-buy”.

Use Some Leverage

Do you have some Leverage? Use it. Are you on Facebook at all? Do you use it for business? Personal? Why not use the Facebook Ad Manager to help drive your product? Do not forget to combine the A/B Testing. Using both together can give you a good indication of where your target audience is and how to get them. You can target people you never knew existed.

Is using the Facebook Ad Manager this way somewhat stalkerish? Sort of. It is more effective. It is going to get the job done.

Check the subreddit for tips on social media marketing:

Maintain What You Have

There is something called “retargeting the ad”. Ebay uses it. Other online shopping outlets use it. You buy something. You are scrolling somewhere else on the site and you see the exact same thing 5 seconds later. This is not a coincidence. They do this on purpose. It is called “retargeting”. These people are easier to get as customers. They have already bought something from you. they know what you have to offer. This is going to be guaranteed traffic coming through. Otherwise look into option to buy website traffic.

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How difficult is it to repair an iPhone?

The ease of repairing smartphones, of course, varies according to their complexity and the availability of the phone components. With iPhones, the complexities are magnified as this is one of the most technologically advanced brands in the market usually with a myriad of functions packed into a single device.

The ease of iPhone repairs is very much dependent on the model of the iPhone and damaged part. While some parts might be easy enough for a home DIY replacement on certain models, for other models, the best option to ensure the continued functionality of your phone is getting it back to pro-engineers. For iPhone repairs, we would have to discuss regarding the models, availability of parts and tools, and the required skills.

iPhone Models

The different phones available have different features even within the same genre. The iPhone 4 for example, of course, comes with the 4s, 4c, and plain iPhone 4 variety. While there might be similarities in designs of these phones, any minute differences such as the position of the camera, earpiece jack or even heat shield will invariably affect iphone 6 screen replacement for example and will determine the level of technicality required. The cost of getting the parts of your phone to be replaced as well as the correct tools to be used is one of the first things to consider. Getting phone parts from Apple directly might be more expensive than getting it from third party retailers, but the assurance that comes with the directly bought parts is often worth the cost. If you are going the way of DIY, then, by all means, be assured of the credibility and authenticity of your source. It is advisable to go for those retailers with good customer reviews and also to offer their clients warranty on the purchased products.

Parts And Tools

While getting the parts, you might want to look for pre-attached parts for the more complex phone designs. This will ease the stress of reattaching complex parts when you are re-assembling the phone after changing a faulty piece. Some of the most common tools used in repairing a smartphone easily include;

A suction cup for detaching a screen/display

Specialized screwdriver kits and wedges

Razor blade for prying loose tightly attached components and

A spudger tool

Keep in mind that the tools listed above are mostly generic and not specific to any particular phone model or type. The screen is undeniably the most susceptible part of any smartphone to be destroyed, and in need of fixing, the above-listed tools are essential in the opening and replacing screens. Due to the abundance and array of screws used in building up an iPhone, you might need a tool tray to hold these screws and prevent them from rolling off. Usually, the outer two security screws of most iPhone are interchangeable. Every other screw inside the phone is unique and must be replaced to the exact spot from which it was removed, so your tray should be compartmentalized to differentiate screws for each point.


A few websites offer step by step instructions for repairing different components of the various iPhone models, some with videos, which make it easier to follow. It’s important to note that patience and care are probably the most important skills you can employ in repairing your phone. As long as you are careful and can follow instructions steadily, fixing your phone could be quite easy.



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Why Sky TV and Broadband is one of the best deals in the UK

If you are looking for a combined broadband and TV package, I cannot stress enough that you really should look at the Sky TV and Broadband package – just contact sky and get it set up now. Not only is it fast, full of features and incredibly reliable, price-wise it is an excellent deal as well.

What does Sky TV and Broadband come with? — Sky TV and Broadband comes with ADSL broadband, it is fiber optic, has a slew of call packages, includes TV and just about every sporting event you could ever possibly want to watch through BT Sport and Sky Sports.

ADSL broadband — Sky’s broadband service is superb. Uploading and downloading happen at the speed of light and, as it gets speeds of up to 17Mbps per second, it can handle just about anything you will ever need to do with it.

Watching TV via Sky TV and Broadband — Just about the best part of having a Sky TV and Broadband package, however, is the TV service you get. Never in all my decades of watching television have I had a service that is so good.

TV programs come via the Sky+ box, a digital box that allows you to record programs when you are not home so that you never miss anything. With the Sky+ box, you can also stop, start, pause, fast forward, rewind and store all your favorite TV programs for later viewing.

That means, if you are going on holiday for a month, just set your Sky+ box to record the shows you will miss and, when you come back, they will all be waiting for you.

Excellent call packages — Sky has also done a stellar job at offering a good call package for everyone, regardless of when they usually make the bulk of their calls.

You can either choose a call package that will allow you to call anyone on evenings or weekends, one that covers during the week, or another that will cover you for international phone calls.

Or, if you prefer to have a call package that will give you a good rate no matter when you make your phone calls, the Sky Talk Anywhere package will work for you as well.

Are you a sports fan? — While I would not say I am a huge sports fan, I do love to watch tennis, cycling, and football.

Sky has every sport that you could ever want to watch covered with its huge number of sports programs through both BT Sport and Sky Sports.

That means, whether you want to watch a football game in Singapore on Friday night, a tennis match in London on Saturday or a boxing match in the U.S on Tuesday, you will have access to all of them.

If you want to have BT Sport, Sky does charge a small monthly extra fee but, when you look at all the additional sporting events that fee gives you access to, it is well worth paying it.

For anyone wanting a good TV and broadband service in the UK, Sky TV and Broadband should be the first company you look at.

Sky Q gets a big thumbs up from us.

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Guide to Building a World-Beating FIFA Ultimate Team

Do you want to create your own FIFA team? It can be done rather easily. It can also be done cheap. In other words, you can get a team like this for free. Here are a few easy ways to do it.

Buying a good player

It is always good to do comparison shopping before buying. This goes for anything. There are pros and cons to this. The major advantage to this is you get a wider range for buying. You will have a better shot at finding a good deal, as opposed to when this whole thing first started. The main downfall to this is the time you have to spend. You will need to spend more time looking for profitable players to build your team.

You need to look at each card of the player in question. Compare each one with the rest. Do not take the first deal for a player that comes across your plate. There may be something better down the line. It is worth it to investigate. Some team captains end up buying someone too soon.

Chemistry counts

Cheap teams will have some solid players. The only problem is that you will need the chemistry styles. These are very cheap on the open market. You will need them for your team building strategy. You need these chemistry styles to work on the weaknesses. Every player has a weakness. Say there is a striker who lacks in the high finishing. Give them the sniper style. This will help them and you to achieve the team goals. Check out the video below which goes further into depth regarding team chemistry.

Check out every detail

Brazilian players a good place to begin. The only issue is you probably will not know everything about the player. Look at all the stats. The stats will tell you what you need to know about performance. The stats will tell you what you need to know about their vulnerabilities. They will tell you where a player is stronger. You need to know all of this. The strength of a player’s foot is especially important. This way you will know where to place them. Central players will benefit from this strategy the most. You will know who to place around them and why.

Players that are good with placing shots, volleys, hitting the goal and more are all important. The stats will help you out with this.

Packs may or may not be okay

This topic of conversation is always a coin flip. Once you have a team that is focused and has a good strategy, then they are not needed. Some still use them, but at this point, they are not going to serve you that much. The only reason why they would be useful is for the contracts. They are good for contracts that come in bulk. Do you still want a pack? It is better to choose from the FUT drafts. You can find these through the transfer markets. A better alternative in most cases is to buy FUT coins from third party websites, for example, which will allow you to spend the coins to purchase exactly the items and players you need without having to gamble with the packs.

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How to Get Followers on Instagram – A guide

How to Get Followers on Instagram

Don’t feel bad if you’re struggling with getting free instagram followers. Many people are going through the same thing that you are going through right now. You have three different approaches that you can take when it comes to getting followers on your Instagram page. Some of them take work and dedication, and others don’t take any work but could be detrimental. Here are some ideas for you:

The Killer Content Method

Things aren’t like they used to be on social media sites. You can’t just post anything and expect people to look at your material. Even if they do look at your material, you can’t expect them to comment on it or like it without some coaxing. The first thing’s first, however. You need to post interesting content. A picture of your sleeping cat or your new bike is probably not going to cut it. People want to see unique and unusual Instagram photos. Posting killer content is the only way that you are going to be discovered if you are not a celebrity. On the other hand, you could post pictures of your most succulent dishes if you own a restaurant. You can post the newest sneaker releases if you own a shoe store. You will still need to beautify the photos as much as possible because the masses have been spoiled by the likes of trick photography and software-based enhancements.

The Quickie Method

The quickie solutions are methods that many people use but not many people succeed with. Many services are out there that sell Instagram followers. Purchased Instagram followers can give the appearance that people love you and your business, but that image is a bit deceiving. NO, it’s a very deceiving. When you buy Instagram followers, you may trick some people into following you because you look popular. However, if you have to trick people into following you, then you are probably better off reevaluating your site and trying to find a potentially interested audience. Furthermore, sites are starting to crack down on methods that some people view as fraudulent. You could get your site shut down if the administrators suspect foul play. You must be careful even if you aren’t purchasing followers. Some sites take extra precautions and lock down pages just to be on the safe side.

The Strategic Method

The strategic method of getting followers on Instagram is a to have a comprehensive strategy that will bring followers to your page. That strategy should include picture optimization, profile completion and highly selective persons. It won’t hurt to speak to a fellow Instagrammer who may be able to offer you some sound advice as to how you can get better at what you do. All you need to do is send a message and see if the person is willing to help. You can also try some of the legitimate promotional services that are out there for you to grab.

Success is right around the corner. The advice that you can have is to keep trying and never give up. Do everything legitimately, and you will have a better chance of surviving.

A few more tips:

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Music Streaming: What service is the best?


Music is one of the greatest things in the world. It speaks to the soul. It goes deep inside a person and changes their life. Music can make you remember a certain memory. It can liven up a room. It can also be the saddest story yet. Music can do all of these things because it is universal. No matter what language a person speaks, they can relate to any form or genre of music. The ways of listening to music have changed drastically. In the past, people would like to music on a vinyl record, then they had the – track tape, next was the cassette tape and after that, the CD. Now, music is digitally brought to us. You can listen to millions of music on a digital music player, a computer, or on a smartphone. You can even listen to music from a century ago on these digital devices. The technological advances are incredible. There is a way that you can listen to all the music your heart desires by clicking on an app on your phone. It’s called music streaming. There are so many music streaming applications, each with its own unique characteristics. Today we will explore all of these music streaming applications and see which ones are the best.


Pandora is a music streaming service that was founded in January of 2000 in Oakland, California. The service plays music from a specific genre based on the individual’s like and dislikes. Users can create playlists based on their favorite musical artist and they can thumbs up a song if they like it, or thumbs down a song if they dislike it. Pandora is a free streaming service but users have the option of paying a monthly fee for the premium version. The premium version of Pandora allows users to skip songs more than a certain number of times and they are not required to listen to advertisements. Pandora does not let users choose an individual song to listen to. Pandora gives users the ability to listen to songs they may have forgotten about.


Spotify is a streaming and free music download service that is a little bit different from Pandora. Spotify allows users to search for songs they want to listen to. However, once they find that artist and song, the play is usually random. Spotify was founded in April of 2006. The music streaming service not only features music but it features podcasts and videos as well. The service is available in 50 languages and dialects. Users are required to register in order to use the service but the regular version is free. Spotify also has a premium version that users can pay a monthly fee for. Advertisements are on the free version of Spotify but the service allows users to watch one commercial to have 30 minutes of ad-free music time.


SoundCloud is a unique music streaming service. Founded in September of 2007, SoundCloud allows users to post their own original music for others to listen to. Users can also listen to popular musical artists on the service as well. Users can record their original music directly on the application. SoundCloud has a premium version that gives musicians better access to their original music. With the premium version, musicians have more recording time and they can also control who listens and comments on their music.

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What are the best desktop replacement laptops in 2017

For laptop users looking for a replacement laptop in 2017, the year may very well bring even higher power, more secure, and more inexpensive models in a marketplace already offering more brands and model options than has ever been seen in this thriving sector of the market.

Exponentially exploding technological advances, combined with a terrific number of options from different manufacturers all over the world has driven down unit costs significantly, much to the great delight of consumer electronics customers across all user platforms.

The best way for consumers to get comprehensive, in-depth information and analysis of goods and services is to do online research. Much quicker and most often more detailed than printed media (depending on sources referenced), it is a means many use to get the data they need to make wise purchasing decisions, with even the option of purchasing said items perhaps only a click or two away.

Reading a number of customer reviews about a given product, and how they rate that product, can be the best way a consumer can get a “feel” for the best desktop replacement laptop. A good measure to look for is a larger review size, to get a good spectrum of ratings and item opinions.

Highly rated laptops for 2017 include the following:

Samsung NP900XL5L-KOZUS Notebook 9. This model has a 15″ screen, with Windows 10 pre-installed. It has a 256 GB Solid State Drive, providing a faster boot, terrific performance, and reliability better enhanced. This was the highest ranking new laptop on a best reviews website, grading out at 9.8 out of 10 in customer reviews.

Acer Chromebook 15 CB5-571-C1DZ. This model has a large 15.6″ Full HD IPS screen, with Intel HD graphics. It has 4 GB RAM, with an Intel Celeron Dual-Core 3205U 1.5 GHz Processor, with a 16 GB Solid State Drive.

Acer Aspire E5-575G-53VG. This laptop has a 15.6″ touchscreen, an Intel Core i7-4510U Processor, with 8 GB RAM, and 1 TB Hard Drive. Its operating system is Windows 10 Home.

Acer Aspire S 13. This 13.3″ laptop with touchscreen comes with Windows 10, and has an Intel Core i5-6200U, 8 GB RAM, 256 GB Solid State Drive. This ultra-thin unit has a 1080p resolution, with 2.30 GHz processor speed.

Acer Aspire E 15 E5-575-33BM. Featuring a 15.6″ full HD screen, this has an Intel Core i3-7100U Processor 7th Generation, 4 GB DDR4, 1 TB 5400RPM Hard Drive. It has Windows 10 Home, and Intel Graphics 620.

Dell Inspiron 15 i5555-2866LV. With a 15.6″ touchscreen, specs include: AMD A10-8700P 1.80 GHz, 8 GB DDR3L RAM, 1 TB HDD, with Windows 10 and Radeon R6 Graphics.

HP 14-an013nr. Rated by one leading independent website as a Best Value, this 14″ notebook features AMD E2-7110 QC, 4 GB RAM, 32 GB eMMC Hard Drive, with Windows 10 Home 64.

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How ERP Software Can Revolutionize Your Business

The world is becoming more advanced and modernized with every passing second. New technologies are surfacing, advance machineries and intelligent systems are being developed which will aid the daily jobs of a man. The world without technology seems pretty dark and if we don’t adapt to the new advancements we will also lose out place in the world and slowly disappear in the sides as we have a great example of Nokia before our eyes. Nokia was a top-notch cell phone manufacturer but they only thing it didn’t do was to evolve and upgrade itself with the rapidly advancing world of today and eventually they failed as an organization to move with the pace of the world and suffered a lot. It seems like they didn’t do anything wrong but the fact that they didn’t evolve and innovate as the world did.

ERP software are business process management software which help to automate your business and revolutionize the way you manage your processes. Forget the daily hassle of doing things the old way and keeping track with paperwork and bundles of files, an ERP Software lets to monitor and control everything about your business and makes the daily tasks possible with just a click. It not only simplifies and provides ease to your daily routine but also saves you a lot of valuable time. Everything is very organized and works in a harmonious manner with the multiple integrated applications and modules in an ERP where each module is responsible for one particular area or process of the business. An ERP provides an organization an integrated application which is well apt in handling and managing both the process and data of the organization. It unifies all the departments of an organization in to one computer system which individually serves for every department and integrates and combines their individual work at one place.

ipad-tablet-technology-touchOrganizations usually purchase an ERP system which is customized to their needs. As an ERP software is a combination of integrated modules each responsible for a particular task or process, the organizations purchase the modules separately which complement their business process and gets them integrated. This is how the ERP is customized as per needs and wants of the organization.

ERP software incorporate best practices and standardize your organization’s process. It forces you to perform your daily work process in the most effective and disciplined manner which saves you a lot of time and effort. Using best practices also reduces the risks of failure by about 71% approximately because an ERP refines your daily work schedules and processes. The processes are better controlled, better monitored, better executed and better optimized which improves the organizations’ overall working process and helps it to achieve its goals faster and progress speedily.

The most basic goal of using an ERP is to attain a central repository for all the information which is shared by various departments within the organization. This not only improve the flow of data but also allows changes to be made easily and reflected throughout the organization in just one click.

So, why be like Nokia and disappear? Get an ERP Software, revolutionize and evolve your organization to more in pace and compete with the highly advancing modern world.

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ERP Software

ERP Software is simply a software which allows you to manage the processes of your business. ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning. This is a software consisting of integrated set of applications which will help the manager to manage his business and automate the back office functions which are related to human resource, technology and services. An ERP Software consists of a set of integrated applications which include the facets of planning, development, sales and marketing, manufacturing and maintenance. The ERP software gives a joint database, application and interface to the manager to look after and carry out all the operations using it.

demoUsually, ERP Software is designed to be used by large businesses. It is a software which works on Enterprise level and often needs dedicated teams of people who customize it and analyse the data. These dedicated teams also handle the deployment and upgrading of the ERP. There are some small business ERP software too which are made specifically for lightweight business management and provides software solution which is customized for the industry you work in.

An ERP software has multiple modules which are purchased by the organization as per their requirement. Each module focuses on a specific area of the entire business process for example one module will be for product development and another module will be for the marketing of the product.

The most common modules in an ERP are product planning module, material purchasing module, inventory control module, distribution module, accounting module, marketing module, finance module and Human Resources module. ERP also manages the back office tasks and for that the common modules are supply chain management module, services knowledge base module, configuration module and other modules which help to improve the accuracy of the financial data, make better project plans, assess business needs, lower the purchasing costs of the resources and many other tasks.
When an organization wants to automate their business they purchase the modules which are best suited to fulfill their business and technological needs and compliment the organization’s pre-existing processes and technical capabilities.

With the technological advancements happening all over the world in a blink of an eye, more and more businesses are now opting to purchase ERP software for their businesses to automate their processes and compete with the fast moving world of today.

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